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We are Omaha's oldest martial arts school dedicated exclusively to Ving Tsun kung fu. We are members of the Moy Yat kung fu family, and teach the Ving Tsun system in the authentic, traditional, unmodified, family-style method.

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Training. Family. Tradition.

We opened our doors in 2003. The Omaha kung fu family includes hundreds of students, and our extended Moy Yat Wing Chun kung fu family reaches around the world. We respect and honor the family-style traditions taught by Grandmaster Moy Yat and his sifu, Grandmaster Yip Man.

About Training Ving Tsun

Over 400 Years.

Yim Ving Tsun carried on the system as she learned it from Ng Mui over 400 years ago. We honor that tradition by teaching the authentic, unmodified martial art. Why mess with a good thing?

Ving Tsun History

Hands-On From Day One.

Beginning with your first lesson, you will learn core Ving Tsun principles used throughout your training. In every class, you will touch hands with most or all of the other students who are training. We learn from each other continuously.

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Something for Everyone.

Ving Tsun kung fu is a martial art for everyone. We don't have belts, tournaments, ranks, or testing, because all we have to do is touch hands to assess each other's abilities. What we do have is a proven system for learning kung fu that is exceptionally effective for people of all ages.

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